Midcentury design introduction

Share, Learn and Love the Mid-Century Movement

Welcome to MidCenturee. A space dedicated to our love of the MidCentury design.  I need the good karma after a childhood of spinning on my dad’s Eames chair until I managed to break it.

Dad’s love of the style ended in the 70s when four kids came along.  We grew up in an old Victorian with a collection of new and old.  It was comfortable and cluttered but not a space to think with a clear mind.  I longed to live in the clean environment of mid-century Palm Springs or LA like I saw in the photos of my favorite photographer Julius Shulman.  As an adult, I realize how unrealistic that is but can use the inspiration it provides.

Mid Century Design Introduction
My dad’s Mid-Century Vegas Photo

I mention Mr. Shulman because I come to the movement via photography.  I’ve since been absorbed by the architecture, art and furniture design.

Now, the look is everywhere. What’s is and what’s not real mid-century doesn’t matter. It’s what, it makes you feel is the way to gauge its validity. This site is a way to educate myself and share what I learn and love.

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