Michigan Midcentury Modern Home for Sale

Curbed profiles this wonderfully preserved Midland Michigan Midcentury Modern home. The owners have kept it true its roots, and it carries a modest price of $330k.

I checked out some of the other properties in the area, via Zillow and found values everywhere. But this one is a shocker coming from someone who’s only looked in pricey areas and settled. I didn’t notice any mention of what can stay with the home, but if I were buying, I’d keep 90% and live somewhere else with the kids.  Putting a kid in these pictures would drop the value in half.

Michigan Midcentury Modern

The house would provide a terrific setting for a film; reminding me of the home in film Bottle Rocket where the Wilson boys plan their heists, minus the pool.  The entire area would provide a great backdrop for it has nearly 250 mid-century structures and is proud of its midcentury heritage.

The stand-outs must be the master bedroom and the exterior architecture.  This home was built in 1963 by Jackson Hallett. Do check out midcenturymidland.org and their profile of Mr. Hallett.    Also, view more pictures and find more info on Zillow.


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