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We bought a boxy 1971 split level ranch 11 months ag. to the day.  We bought it because we had to, but also because it has potential. A chef’s kitchen, beautiful bathroom, and calming minimalist bedroom.

West Elm – Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

Everything else needs help. I overestimated income potential and had only purchased a few pieces of furniture; a mid-century console from West Elm, barstools (from) and some dining chairs. As a father of two, I’m trying to be responsible and stock money away for furniture purchases but it’s not high on the priority list  The next two pieces I’d like to pickup are a tripod lamp and a bedside table. I’ve kept my eye out at the local vintage shops, but nothing has caught my fancy.

The West  Elm Lamp as Uninvited Guest

For the lamp, I’ve been waiting on the West Elm’s Wooden Tripod Lamp to hit the trigger price. – $175.  It’s listed as $275, but with discounts, I’ve seen it near $200, but with shipping and tax there’s a gap.  It’s possible to get the legs on eBay, but quality and shade bring the price back to near $200.

Poly + Bark’s Angularity Floor Lamp

A few days ago I was on Poly + Bark’s site.  I  wasn’t familiar but credit Google search, They seem to have a decent product and are a  good 30% less than West Elm.  Poly + Bark have a similar Tripod lamp named the Angularity.  The shade is a lot smaller and it’s not as polished. The size is not a deal breaker considering the price is just above what my target is excluding sale price, so I’ll likely pick this up by the end of the month. Ball’s in your court West Elm.

Moving to the master bedroom, we’re desperate for a nice bedside table. We have a stump on one side than can only fit a phone a glass of water.

West Elm Bedside Table – Acorn

I was hoping Poly + Bark had one we’d like, but no their nightstands are weak.  So back to west elm.  I like the Acorn.


We have a small space and price point is decent, but $145 is the target on that one.

A bit smaller in size, Overstock has a similar one that may work better for the room.  The Alpine Flynn. Surprisingly, it’s more expensive and will take a little more quality research but if I can fit under $150. Considering some of the crazy prices on similar pieces on Wayfair I’m probably being aggressive but being self-employed I hate spending profits that I don’t need.

Others I like are Modern Harmony Night Table $232

Sukey 2 drawer on All-Modern $266.99

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