Kodachrome Gallery 1962

Kodachrome Photos Las Vegas 1962

Vintage Vegas Kodachrome Gallery 1962 : There’s something about finding Kodachrome slides that’s magical. My dad had a camera with him his entire life.  When he took a trip with his parents from New Jersey to Nevada in 1962 as a high schooler he shot a few rolls that would have looked mundane at the time but aged spectacularly.

As a videographer and editor, I always recommend capturing mundane aspects of life with signature moments of the age; cars, signs and buildings. I wish they had taken more trips during this period but this was their one and only vacation out west.


Vintage Vegas Kodachrome Gallery
The Sultan of the Las Vegas Dunes

60s desert road

Grandmom by the Car
Motel Room 1962
Snowy Drive


I uploaded a few of the vintage Vegas to my Society6 page.  The Lucky Strike photo looks pretty sweet framed.

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