Midcentury Lego Design

Looking for Mid-Century Lego Designs

Midcentury Lego DesignMidcentury Lego Design: Having kids is a great excuse to reintroduce yourself to Legos. There are so many benefits to having a Lego lifestyle, it’s meditative, it develops your creativity and problem-solving muscles.  I doubt there are very many architects or furniture designers that didn’t go through an intense Lego period in their life.

We have a  few spots in the house that are kid oriented and I’d love to build and display designs including some mid-century themes. That got me searching for existing mid-century kits. I was disappointed to find very little. There is a retired Fallingwater Lego Kit.  The kit is available on eBay.  The lowest price I’ve seen is $150.  There are ways to recreate it and if you’re a lego power user you may have all the pieces necessary.

Dwell ran a competition back in 2012 along with Pacific Standard Time you can check out the link to see the finalists.  I couldn’t find the directions or needed pieces.

Can anyone point me to any MidCentury Lego designs with instructions?

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