New York's World Fair

New York’s Worlds Fair – 1964

New York’s Worlds Fair: Decorating a mid century designed home can be a challenge. Especially, if your house is all 21st century. You’re looking for some vintage touches it can be a challenge to find unique art that works within your design motif and more importantly your budget.

Chances are someone in your family is sitting on a stack of slides.  Those vacation slides that families dreaded just a few decades ago are getting a second life on walls everywhere. As the kids would say it’s like Instagram before Instagram

I searched through a trove of family photos and found a bunch of photos my father had taken that fit the bill.  In an earlier post, I mentioned a 50-year-old picture taken in a Las Vegas pool now has a prominent spot in our living room.

I recently discovered 20 photos my dad took at the 1964 World’s Fair.  They are so perfect I almost don’t know what to do.  I again used Scancafe.  Again, I received great scans in a super large format so I can crop without having to shrink the photo.

If you want to refresh your walls find some scans.  Here are some of the photos I had scanned.  These are untouched.  Chances are I’ll give them a different tone and crop them but I just love the history.


New York's World Fair

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