Art for MidCentury Homes

MidCentury Art Inspiration

I think the mid-century minimalist design blend give you great freedom to hang beautifully bold artwork of a variety of mediums. Buy original work within your budget.  It’s worth it.

From time to time I’ll profile artists I’ve been enjoying or obsessing over.    Here are four.

Alice Tye

Alice is a freelance illustrator from London but captures the wonderfully colorful world of  California in many of her designs.  She has prints available for purchase on Tictail.  Best of all..they’re affordable. However, if you want originals you can inquire with her directly.

Josef Hoflehner

Josef has a diverse style that would capture the attention of anyone. From Black and White images of airliners to the muted colors of 70s style American cars Joseph has a diverse portfolio. The photos from the above set are the ones I wish I could afford or had a spot large enough to hang. I hope writing about them scratches that itch.

Gene Davis

Gene Davis

If you’re a fan of classic, abstract mid-century artwork, Gene Davis may be worth visiting.

He’s known for his use of multi-colored lines and was a “major contributor in the Color Field and Post-Painterly Abstraction movements.”  His paintings convey a feeling of rhythm and order.

His work is not inexpensive however I did find some pieces that can be had for under $2k.  Art is an investment and I like to recommend originals or limited runs.

Sander Steins

MidCentury Art Inspiration
Sander Steins is a rather prolific and mostly affordable artist from the Netherlands. He works in a variety of mediums but the majority of his work available are his abstract paintings. Perfect for just about any room or entranceway.  You can check out his work on Saatchi Art.

Who are your favorites? Comment below!

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