Modern Midcentury Movies

Modern Movies with Mid-Century in Mind

Modern Midcentury Movies
George Clooney’s comedic crime thriller Suburbicon is set in the same Mid-Century time period as early Mad Men.  But unlike Mad Men, advance reviews aren’t great and also unlike Mad Men the film takes place far from the well-heeled streets of New York.

Ignoring the story’s flaws, the set designs in Suburbicon are compelling.  Nailing the less minimalist mid-century world of Eames and Neutra it’s set in the cookie cutter neighborhoods of the middle class. Postwar pastels and space-age inspiration influence the set design not to mention the short sleeve tie combo.

What are some other modern era films worth viewing set in the mid-century maybe more deserving of your times? Here are ten of our favorites.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

The Coen brothers wrote Suburbicon but ultimately passed on directing it.  Maybe it’s because they already nailed the time period in the underrated film The Man Who Wasn’t There.


Revolutionary Road


The Tree of Life

The Right Stuff

The Ice Storm

A Single Man

Catch Me if you Can

Inherent Vice
Am I the only one who loved this movie? It may have been the look and the music but I’ve seen it more than once.

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