Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Chandelier

#1 – Capiz Chandelier – West Elm

I bought our house sight unseen.  I trust my wife’s taste although being a foot shorter than me she didn’t even consider the low ceilings.  I knew the first thing that had to go was the light in the dining room and I knew exactly what I was going in its place.

I found an article about a home transformation in Reston. It was a similar design split level.  I didn’t want to copy much but  I did want to imitate their chandelier.

It is West Elm’s Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Chandelier in White.  It was easy to install.  I did it myself and the house hasn’t burned down.  Even with the low ceiling it just works.  It quickly defines the space.   If your ceiling is higher, even much higher they give you extra hardware to extend the light.

My favorite feature happens when a cool breeze jangles the capiz shells producing a relaxing sound.  West Elm provides extra shells in case something happens but we haven’t had to replace any.

The price on the site is currently $399.  I paid $279.20 in 2016 with discounts. West Elm often has aggressive discounts so I’d recommend never paying full price for anything on West Elm.

Here’s a photo comparison.

Before. Roundtable. Boring light.
After We moved in. Capiz Chandelier installed


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