Modern Design Timber Bar Stool

#2 Aeon Furniture’s Timber Barstool

We have a small breakfast bar area right off the living room.  Having tall barstools, with a back wasn’t going to work.  It’s tight. I wanted stools with no back and modern design.

Yvonne Potter Y Design Timber Bar Stool - 66cm

I searched far and wide for minimal seats and loved the Timber Barstool on Matt Blatt’s website. (above)   But at $350 for one the price was too high.  Fortunately, I found the same ones on Wayfair for half the price, basically two for the price of one.

Happy Easter

The barstool is super stable. The kids rock back and forth consistently and it’s none the worse for wear.  They slide out of the way and are barely there.  The curved design makes it comfortable enough, but you’re not going to spend four hours sitting on them.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be on Wayfair at the moment. If you have the budget but not space, check them out.



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