Baby’s First Eames and other things Babies should know.

Babys First Eames Midcentury Design kids

Baby’s First Eames: From Art Deco to Zaha Hadid is baby board book by Julie Merberg and illustrated by Aki geared for little ones – or is it? We’ve all been in a conversation trying to explain our love of Mid-Century Design to someone (or maybe someone married to you) who doesn’t get it in the simplest of terms.  This is the book for them.  Seriously, this is MidCentury Architecture and Design 101.  Pretend you are giving this to a baby but really for the adult.

E is for  Eames and M is for Mies van der Rohe, Marimekko and Milo Baughmen, with illustrations to match.  You get it the idea.  It’s a glossary of the best of MidCentury.   I’m picking one up for my future niece and my wife.

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