The Top 10 Midcentury Modern Coffee Table Books Every Fan Should Own

The midcentury modern design movement, with its iconic clean lines, bold colors, and innovative use of materials, has captivated audiences for decades. Its enduring popularity makes it a favorite among design enthusiasts, homeowners, and collectors alike. To deepen your appreciation of this timeless style, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 midcentury modern coffee table books that every fan should have in their collection.

1. Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses The most comprehensive look at mid-century modern homes ever published. With over 400 stunning homes in 40 countries, it’s a must-have for any mid-century modern enthusiast

2. Basic Art Series: Case Study Houses – Explore the most iconic architectural projects of American architecture (1945-1966) through this book’s stunning photographs and plans.

3. Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA This travel guide provides an expertly curated list of 250 must-see destinations, from iconic Case Study houses to the glamour of Palm Springs’ spectacular Modern desert structures.

4. Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: East Coast USA– This book features more than 250 must-see destinations organized geographically from Maine to Florida, showcasing architecture by some of the biggest Mid-Century names

5. Mid-Century Modern: A Complete Sourcebook – The ultimate survey of mid-century modern furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, textiles, product design, industrial design, graphics, and posters, it’s essential reading for all collectors and design aficionados

6. Design of the 20th Century – While mid-century modern was not the only design of the 20th century, it was a prominent one. This book explores the timeline of MCM design-style and the pieces and stories that gave rise to our favorite 20th-century movements

7. Eames: Beautiful Details – An artistic ode to the Eameses, this book explores the many sides of the Eames family’s work, from graphic design and films to exhibitions and their iconic furniture

8. Japanese Design Since 1945: A Complete Sourcebook– Showcasing hundreds of objects and contributions from both Japanese and Western designers inspired by Japan, this volume deep dives into the connection between design, functionality, materiality, culture, and tradition in Japanese design post-1945Japanese Design Since 1945: A Complete Sourcebook

9. Atlas of Furniture Design – Unquestionably the ultimate book on furniture design ever compiled. With its pages featuring objects spanning 237 years, it’s an indispensable resource for collectors, scholars, and experts.

10. Frank Lloyd Wright – This exquisite book brings all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s surviving homes together in a collection of vibrant photographs, floor plans, archival images, and essays by Wright scholars and experts.

Owning these books will not only add an aesthetic element to your coffee table but also provide you with a wealth of knowledge about mid-century modern design. Whether you’re an avid collector, a design student, or someone who appreciates beautiful things, these books are more than just reading material – they serve as a testament to the enduring appeal of mid-century modern design, inspiring you to see the world through the lens of this iconic style.

Immersing yourself in these books will deepen your understanding and appreciation of mid-century modern design, enriching your personal or professional spaces with the elegance, simplicity, and innovation that characterize this era. So, go ahead and add these to your collection, and let them inspire you to bring the timeless charm of mid-century modern design into your life.

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