Faced with blank walls, I’m wishing I pulled the trigger on some Julius Shuman prints I saw on eBay a few years back because now they’re worth double.  So I’ve turned to personal photos and Framebridge.

Floating Keith Richards

I saw an image of Keith Richards floating in a pool and wanted something like that for our walls.  I happened to have an image that my dad took in the early 60s of my grandmom in a supersized Vegas pool. It was perhaps the only time she went into a pool.  I actually like the colors and image more than the Keith Richards one.

I googled around and settled on Framebridge.  They seemed to have the best image quality and don’t blow up a photo past the point it looks good.  I uploaded the original photo which included another woman and the side of the pool.


Framebridge Review
Cropping is a must for almost all photos.  Here, I centered Grandmom and changed the feel of the entire photo.

Once you are satisfied with the image you have moved along to the next step. Have someone from Framebridge select frame options or select on your one.  I’m impatient so I decided to go with my opinion.

They give you the most popular selections, but they have at least a dozen more than four shown below.

I went with the Mercer in its maximum size. I really wanted the blue to pop.  You can see what the photo would look on a wall.  They use the same room for all, but it helps size it and ensure the colors match.

A week or so later it was delivered with the requisite hardware to hang it.

And there it is.  Pretty happy. Excellent quality.  No issues with packaging.   We’re going to be knocking a window in the space to the left at some point or maybe we’ll just have Framebridge frame the view and we can save some money.

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