Split Level MidCentury Remodel

Split Level Modern in 101 Steps

I probably like Mid-Century in part because I grew up in big, old Victorian farmhouse.  It wasamong the last of it’s kind in South Jersey.  Colonials dominated the area I grew up, then came the Cape Cods followed by an invasion of split levels.

My dream was to own anything other than those designs.  A bungalow in California with surfboards on the porch was what I was imaging.  I gave SoCal a shot but moved back east.  I spent some years in a fake colonial in Delaware before deciding with my wife.  Let’s move to Vermont to raise our kids.

We pinpointed the town we wanted to reside, just sound of Burlington and we couldn’t be picky. There was very little to choose from and few we could afford.  So we took the only house we could get.

I was talking to a childhood friend recently, and it dawned on me I bought the exact house design he grew up in.  He hated his house, it was dark, there was no privacy.  Architecturally, it was the equivalent of a TV dinner at a dollar store.

Our house had one interior remodel at some point.  The basement is tiled, with bright walls, hardwood floors upstairs and a killer bathroom.  A previous owner was a cabinet maker, so there are some nice touches, but dull.

I started this blog because I wanted to know about Midcentury Design and I love sharing and saving my favorite items. Now I’ll be sharing the slowest makeover in history and will likely take until the next mid-century to even attempt the ambitious projects

Split Level MidCentury Remodel
Where to start? This is before we moved. The roof has been redone and solar panels went up.

We love where we live and hope to spend the next 20 years here. The town is amazing.  It’s important to love our home.  I like it but working on loving it.

I’m going to profile the changes we made since moving (mostly minor purchases), future changes and the dreams that keep me motivated.  It may total 101….It may not but we’ll give it a go.  Talk soon.


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