MidCentury Split Level Remodel

Mid-Century Inspiration For A Split Level Ranch

MidCentury Split Level House
Beautiful Remodel in Reston

MidCentury Split Level Remodel: My current home is almost a mirror image of the home one of my best friends grew up in. Never once, did I imagine this is likely the type of home I’ll own and be thrilled.

We downsize a bit and happy to do so, but also downsized the ceiling height.  That’s been the toughest part. While waiting for the closing last year I spent hours looking for inspiration.  I couldn’t get the fake wood-grain walls and pea green shag rugs.

Then I found a home in on Modern Reston with nearly an identical footprint.  It helped me realize there were options.  We already have an identical chandelier from West Elm.

When I see a transformation like this, it makes my eyes water.  I want to change everything, and I’m filled with ideas, but it took the homeowner in the story ten years. We have no plans to update the kitchen although it looks pretty spectacular.

There are a few pictures of the Reston house’s entryway update on the designers’ blog.  We have the exact entryway and now know bold colors can work.

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