Mid Century Design Australia

Mid Century Design Australia + Palm Springs

The Moderns:  Museum of Sydney

Mid Century Design Exhibition
The Modernists

Mid Century Design Australia – There is a fascinating new exhibit at the Museum of Sydney demonstrating the European Designers who planted seeds of modernism in Australia.

Profiled are designers from Hungary and Germany transformed Australia in the through the 1930s, 1940s and 1950.

You’ll find photographs sure, but you’ll immerse yourself in entire rooms taken from the area.

Learn more on ArtsHubs website.

‘Rage against Beige’

Mid Century Home Palm Springs for Sale

Back in the states, in the mecca of mid century design, you can purchase Palm Spring Largest Mid-Century Modern Home. Owned by a women’s wear designer she has as she says “Rage against Beige” and oh boy she certainly has. Like the art exhibition above, this is an exhibition in a grand sense.  For $4.4 Million you can rage or add some beige.  It’s your money.

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